On June 2nd, 2010, Rashawn Spivey founded Hero Plumbing, LLC in Milwaukee, WI. In addition to his master plumber status, Spivey boasts a compelling resume, including over 30 years of experience with a mix of residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, water, sewer, service, and repair. Below are some highlights of his professional journey.

Rashawn Spivey

Hero Plumbing Owner, Rashawn Spivey

Hero Plumbing’s Project Resume

Spivey’s journey in plumbing began at 12 years old when he joined Jim Nelson Plumbing as an assistant. His keen interest in the field caught the attention of Mr. Nelson, who became his mentor. Under Mr. Nelson’s guidance, Rashawn learned both practical plumbing skills and the importance of dedication and a strong work ethic. By age 16, Rashawn had already handled basic service and repair calls independently.

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Our foundation, built on the vast experience and dedication of Rashawn Spivey, is further strengthened by our skilled team. Together, we ensure that every project showcases our commitment to quality. We are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the plumbing systems of our community. Our plumbing team’s journey, with its significant achievements and ongoing learning, reflects the ethos of Hero Plumbing. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a plumbing consultation.

Project Experience

WE Energies, Milw., WI 2010
Throughout the entire Elm Road Generating Station (ERGS), we were responsible for site prep of bathroom trailers, new construction installation of roof drains, emergency eye wash stations & showers in the power plant.

Westlawn Revitalization, Milwaukee, WI 2011
This public housing renovation project consisted of 256 townhome units. Hero Plumbing provided plumbing services.
Contract value: $3,380,000

Hillcrest Apartments, Waukesha, WI 2013
Consisted of remodeling a total of 15 – 4- family buildings with 60 units. Hero Plumbing offered plumbing services on this project. Contract value: $330,000

Farwell Apartments, Milwaukee, WI 2013
Plumbing services for the special needs housing of 34 units.
Contact value: $173,773

Milwaukee Police Administration Building

Paperbox Lofts, Milwaukee, WI 2014
This project was a historic adaptive re-use of a former factory. The building was converted into 72-apartment units with underground parking, and community space. Hero provided HVAC and plumbing contract services.
Contract value: $1,464,706

Veterans Garden 2015
Plumbing services to the veteran’s housing remodel of 4 buildings with 30 units. Contract value: $109,473
Thurgood Marshall Apartments 2016 Hero provided plumbing services to a 24 multi-tenant residential facility.
Contract value: $228,000

City of Milwaukee Housing Authority 2016
This is an annual maintenance contract which Hero is providing various plumbing services to the various HACM sites via the submission of work orders.
Contract Value: $189,000

Silver Spring Square 2018
Hero provided services to a Section 8 property containing 48-unit apartment building.
Contract Value: $120,000

Bucks Arena Live Block 2018
Provided storm trench drains on a site utility contract.
Contract Value: $180,000

Bader Philanthropy Headquarters 2019
Plumbing services for a two-story renovated historic building with a newly built addition, which included a snow-melt system. Contract Value: $350,000

City of Milwaukee Housing Authority 2020
Hero is the primary plumbing contractor for maintenance and emergency services since 2015.
Contract Value: $189,000

apartment building plumbing project

Paperbox Lofts
72 apartment units

Milwaukee plumbing contractor

Westlawn Revitalization
250 townhomes